Tea for two..three

It wasn't a great start on the morning of turning 40...Curly Haired Beauty was running a high temperature of 100F so she had to stay home rather than go to the childmiders (its the school break this week). But by lunchtime she had perked up (the miracle that is Calpol) and decided she wanted to come out with mum and dad . She didn't know our plans but was up for a train and taxi journey. So a few hours later D, she and me were transported to Mayfair and entered the hallowed realms of Claridges for afternoon tea.

Arrangement of white cases filled with white flowers (takeaway decor idea)

The hugest floral arrangement I have ever seen, white roses and pussy willow. We were seated right under it. 
Chihuly glass artwork hanging above - there's a similar one at the V&A
 Photos by Curly Haired Beauty aged nearly 5. Look how the wonderful soft lighting makes my complexion glow...what a mugshot! In the background is a pianist and cello player who knocked out Cole Porter's finest repertoire

What we drank: Lemonade for Curly Haired Beauty, Assam tea for D, Pomegranate Pekoe tea for me.

What we ate: Finger Sandwiches - Shropshire ham, egg mayo with rocket, smoked salmon, cucumber and cream cheese. We were asked if we would like more and of course we said yes please.
Cakes - the serious stuff
Chocolate ganache, fruit tart, apple and raisin scones, Champagne jelly, banana cake
 Look a silver stand for your teapots and cakes to hang around in!

I would have taken more serious foodie shots, but this wasn't a restaurant review but my birthday celebration.

So far no tears about turning 40 but I have another celebration this weekend with the rest of my family.


  1. Makes me wanna go back! I so enjoyed Claridges for eldest daughters 21st last June, and just like you we said yes to more sarni's! Happy Birthday Doll and I won't tell you life begins at 40 because I like to be honest, so lets just say, its all downhill from now! mwah xxx


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