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My 29th birthday celebration was Ah-Mazing, no other party could top that experience. I think that's why subsequent birthdays have all be a bit of a let down... 30 was OK I was in Florence, got proposed to etc. But my 29th was at The Ritz Hotel; her Majesty the Queen was there! I kid you not, really she was there with her sister Princess Margaret (before she scalded her feet and got ill etc.) and Prince Philip!!!

I had a huge heap of friends old and new all show up at the hotel bar, prices for drinks were eye-watering but the plentiful freebie bar snacks helped things along. The men had to wear a tie and jacket. Bless my little mate J who was a runner at Sony was loaned a jacket by the cloakroom so he could be allowed in. I did have some friends stuck outside who couldn't get in and as they furiously tried to call me; Her security team had stopped people entering but prior to her arrival they were letting me, my rag tail friends all in with no problem at all. It was Princess Margaret's belated birthday hosted by her son. We saw Darcey Brussels the ballet dancer, Jim Davidson was part of the night's entertainment. As they walked past the bar staff started to tell us all to get up as her majesty was approaching. I thought this was part of Royal protocol, but actually they were all really excited and wanted a good look themselves. The Royals walked past chatting amongst themselves  and the tallest ever security man I have ever seen stood by the door to their private function room. My Aussie mate was texting her dad down under to tell him what had happened - just how surreal was that? Her Madge at my party (well nearly but you know what I mean)

Throughout the evening we could hear pockets of laughter leaking out from the far room, my mates did lots of runs to the Ladies to see if they could 'bump into someone'. With all our funds exhausted, nuts eaten and bored but still friendly bar staff we decided to leave as we couldn't really out-party the Royals. On the way out we all got papped (flash, flash, flash) and actually got to walk on the red carpet, scurry sideways and then onto the tube. It was a brilliant night and although I am not a true blue royalist I do have a soft spot for her Majesty ever since I saw her 1977 at a Silver Jubilee Festival; My mum got a policeman to take a photo as her car went by. Its one of her treasured mementos in the family album.


  1. Lovely post, thanks for sharing your amazing memories. xx


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