Trolley dash

Ho-hum only a week to go before I hit 4-0...I was feeling fine until I caught sight of by birthday card doing the rounds at the office with '40' emblazoned on the front...they mean well and I know my boss didn't want my birthday to go unacknowledged. But now everyone knows my up-coming age change. With CV's left, right and center here; there are an awful lot of people born in the 80's and that makes me feel ancient! Nivarna's Nevermind album was first relased 20 years ago! 20 years ago I was a student studying fashion without a care in the world trying to work out how to crash fashion shows and get a dinner invite to meet the Editor of The Face. Funnily enough when I was a student I used to have a facial once a month. Now I would be lucky if I could fit one in twice a does that happen?

Well times have changed and although I don't feel older I am a lot wiser - I seem to be the 'go to' person for information. Tell me, am I a Miss Know it all? When did that happen? I'm not your typical mother hen either I just seem to retain a lot of information, have a memory like an elephant and can recall a lot of things in details...not that I would ever be a good spy.

So this week I will be doing my obligatory trolley dash amongst the beauty counter to scoop up the latest lotions and potions to retain my youthful complexion. I don't want to look younger, just keep what I have from sagging and bagging. A work colleague thinks I have another 10 years before my face gives up and starts to drag down my chin and create jowls (how kind - she has a way with words and was formerly Pete Waterman's PA).I think she meant well...

Anyway there is a wealth of products out at the moment and I'm intrigued to try them all. Every freebie newspaper has an advert for Nanoblur and although the before and after photos look impressive I'm not really sure how it works. But at £19.99 it can't hurt to give it a go and see. I've read some reviews that its a no go if you wear foundation as it makes it cake but as I use mineral powders as my base I should be OK. I shall report back and let you know if it works!

Another product I would love to get my hands on is Clarins Vital Light serum. It seems like a real multi-tasker, tackling anti-ageing, resurfacing, anti-dark spot, line smoother etc. Can it really be this good?


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