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I had previously blogged about a new winter coat for Curly Haired Beauty and had coveted the J Crew one, well I have discovered there is an adult version here on Net-a-porter.

It's available hot orange it will make me stand out from the sea of grey and blacks, which seem to be the standard winter colour palette. Its a classic cut wool coat and my sensible head suggests I should get it for AW10/11 but then my eye was drawn to a feature in last week's Grazia Roksanda Illincic collaboration with Debenhams. A navy faux-fur paneled cocoon coat.
My heart says 'GET IN NOW', look how amazing this looks. I know its not the most practical thing to own. I haven't worn fake fur since I was a fashion student. But this looks so chic in navy and I would look so beartastic (OK I made that word up). I would have to avoid Mr Fashion and The Foley Artists sticky paws on a daily basis but it would be so worth it owning something that Illnic had a hand in designing. Of course I can't wear it in the rain either and would it keep me warm this winter????? I don't care - a big cocoon coat would make your legs look stick thin;.I'm going to ditch my practical Uggs and hike in heels.

As I head to the Big 4-0 I'm tired of purchasing the classics, the basic staples, neutral colours, mix and match wardrobe  - I want to break out of boring.

My new style role model is Anna Dello Russo who has fun with fashion.

 Just like something I used to do 20 years ago....oh not that I want to be young again but I got a slap in the face on Twitter to be reminded that Nivana's Nevermind album came out 20 years ago...I remember Grunge like it was yesterday.


  1. I think you should look for a red coat. I love red coats.. they always look stylish - grown up but not ageing. I think orange will be a one season only coat because nobody is going to forget you in that! And as for blue fur.. fine if you want to look like a hug in a mug :-)

  2. Oh absolutely go for it! I've just turned 40 and do you know what I've decided? Just wear, be and say exactly what you want! Get them all I especially like the Blue fur! Go girl :-)

  3. Hi there! I would go for the faux fur one, its gorgeous and I'm sure it will be a winter style staple for a long while to come! Hope you're well and have a good week ahead too x


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