Summer Hols

Its the last month of summer (how did that happen) but we have no plans to go away (boo hiss). I'm saving up my holiday dates so I can be around for Curly Haired Beauty when she starts reception in September. My little girl is growing up and will be donning a school uniform, book bag and starting Primary School. She's rearing to go and has not stopped talking about being a big girl who's nearly 5.

But she's been set some homework already 'what I did on my holiday's'. So this mummy is taking her beloved out and about and giving her some memorable summer experiences in London so she as something to talk about.  

First stop is The Tiger Who Came to Tea, its one of her favourite books that has been adapted for stage. We have a well worn pop up copy of the book which is read nightly. I'm hoping her attention span has lengthened since last year; for her Christmas panto treat I took her to see the Peppa Pig show and she insisted on leaving during the interval. I think she got confused and thought it was over when people starting getting up. This show however has no interval! So fingers crossed we make it though the 50 minutes.

Then the following week I've got a table at The Sanderson for a Mad Hatters Tea, OK this may be more for mummy than for Curly Haired Beauty. But I know she would just love the exploding lollipops!

How yummy does this tea look? The sandwiches are coloured with beetroot, spinach and saffron. The Drink Me bottle is filled with a potion tasting of Apple Pie, Lemon Curd and English Toffee.
Photos from here

Curly Haired Beauty will also accompany me to my office for a couple of Fridays - she's been really curious about what I do and since most colleagues will be away, its an ideal time to have her come in and see what mummy does (not much, eat cupcakes) and mess about on the computer. Its scary just how proficient she is navigating Cbeebies, CITV, Nick Jr and Milkshake websites. She even does better than me playing Angry Birds (I just don't have the patience).

I'm thinking of taking her to Polpo for lunch, an Venetian Bacaro. Before anyone thinks I am being irresponsible for taking her to an Soho drinking joint. It does great little dishes perfect for her appetite. She will be impeccably behaved - she always is in public - just a right little madam when she gets home and clashes with Mr. Fashion.

If an establishment serves ice cream like this, well its an invitation for children to come along.....

I've also have 5 days of a local Summer play scheme booked so she can hang out with kids , get crafting, make some new friends who will be going to her school.

Phew - I'm going to want a holiday to get over her summer holiday.


  1. The mad hatters tea, looks amazing! xx

  2. Ha I have read that book! No idea there was a stage adaption. Lucky child, oh to be very young again eh? The Madhatters Tea looks incredible, and so does the ice-cream. Hope you enjoy yourself.

  3. This sounds amazing!!!!! Can we come too lol! Xxx

  4. I went for the mad hatters tea just before the wedding - you'll both love it! The exploding lolly was excellent, although I wouldn't recommend the drink me potion!

  5. I love that you are taking her to a drinking spot!

    i also quite enjoyed the tiger that came to tea although I found the tiger quite scary!


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