Scorchio Day

Another scorchio day in the city, I love London in August. Its not like Paris where everything is closed and anyone left in the City of Lights is dead miserable (this is my personal experience and not a sweeping statement about all French people). London feels chilled, despite the heat radiating off the pavements, the mood is relaxed and its feels like a fun place to spend the summer in W1.

D met me for lunch and we headed to El Burrito which is nearby to where I work. They have a great fresh choice of Mexican food made right in front of you and frozen margaritas (although today the machine was broken). 

We sat outside in the shade and scoffed our goodies of flour tacos filled with spicy minced beef, guacamole, cheese and jalapenos. Give me this anytime over the golden arches! I've noticed that there seems to have been an explosion of Mexican eateries springing up all over town. Which can only be a good thing to add to the already bursting at the seams choices at lunchtime for us hungry office workers. Randomly an old friend L, who we hadn't seen for years, walked right past us. So it was lovely to have a chit chat catch-up He was picking up a lunch order of Keralan curry from Rasa Express and was on his way to get some pho from the Vietnamese place. Apart from New York I can't think of anywhere else where you can do that!

For a healthy dessert to cool our taste buds, we went round the corner to Yog for frozen yogurt. I love this place and the whole concept of a store dedicated to just one delicious dessert. I got stuck into the dark chocolate whilst D went for the new passion fruit flavour with some sprinkling of fresh fruit - but of course you can opt for chocolate chips, marshmallows etc for a more naughty option. Its the perfect quick fix for a hot, hot day.

It wasn't a gourmet lunch, we didn't spend that much money but it was so much fun just me and D hanging out for an un-hurried lunch just like old times before marriage, before kids. No wailing twins, no demanding 4 year old with un-reasonable demands. Just the two of us. I had almost forgotten what it was like to be a child-free couple *sigh*. Don't get the wrong idea, I love my kids, I love having a family but its just so nice not to have them about for a tiny bit to restore my sanity. Also a reminder for D to notice and realise what a 'hot mamma' I am, never let my figure go, still dressing up and bothering with make-up! Somebody give me a medal for making the effort - I was channeling a City Safari look today. Mango Beige boxy cardigan, chic chino shorts, sand suede heels and a straw trilby from Florence to keep the fierce sun off my hair - the pitfalls of having super black hair that seems to absorb sunlight and give me a hot headed headache. You could fry an egg on my head from the heat after I've been outside for 15 minutes. The outfit neutral tones were perfect for staying cool in this weather.


  1. dear hot mamma,

    I would have eaten more burritos!

    therefore am jealous!

    and i miss you - where are you nowadays?

    j x


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