Silly Season

Forgive my radio silence this month has been crazy and its only the halfway point of August and already I have experienced...but before I launch into it all I forgot to credit Susie Bubble on my last post for the Clean up picture thingy. Please forgive my net-tiquette!

Where shall I start - oh yes a rant about this super packed month- Mr Fashion had been poorly for a few days with a raging temperature. By the weekend he was covered in spots, I was hoping it was chicken pox but when it started to spread a trip to the locum doctor on an early Sunday morning got told it was measles. Yikes he has not been immunised as he has been on a wait list for the non-egg vaccine coming from India (he cannot have the MMR jab as that contains egg protein). The next day I took him to the GP but the spots had faded and it turned out it wasn't measles but a type of virus and antibiotics prescribed. OK phew big sigh of relief and then I get a call the non-egg vaccine is back in stock so I quickly book a double appointment for the twins for the following weekend after a quick all clear check with the GP.

I know it was something we should have done a lot earlier (like a year ago) but with one thing and another cropping up (twins taking turns to be ill) it took this summer to get it all done. No matter what health professionals say about giving vaccines even when a baby is unwell with a cold, cough or croup.  Its not a risk I am prepared to take. Caring for 1 sick baby is hell, caring for 2 sick babies is something I don't want to repeat - we spent far too long n SCBU after their early arrival. I am only just over the whole hand-wringing stress of it all and they are now two!

Then my office had a major fire incident and we were all in temporary offices for 10 days whilst it was sorted out. I developed a bad back from carrying a laptop and a squint (wasn't allowed back to get my glasses - spare one had gone missing). Not a good look as my work heels (6 pairs) were also in my desk drawer; so spent the days feeling short and frumpy running about between 3 sites in grubby trainers/sneakers. Hey ho all fun and games and to top it all when we did get back into the building, on the second day another fire alarm goes off and I had to walk down 6 flights of stairs. I and a few others made sure we grabbed our essentials and I was able to cart off my precious Ferragammo's this time!

As mentioned in my last post we also experienced the rioting, looting and general madness. It happened close enough to feel uncomfortable and made me feel very sad about the future.

On a brighter note I took Curly Haired Beauty to my office (once we got another safety all-clear). She loved hanging out with me for the day. She got her own desk and laptop and spent the time on various kiddie websites playing games. She wasn't tall enough to be useful and help with photocopying but really enjoyed riding up and down the lifts. At one point she made a little den in my bosses office and played an imaginary game giving out orders and taking a register. She wasn't aware the walls are glass and everyone outside could see her playing - cue much cracking up at how adorable she looked with the phone headset. Bless her, she was so cute. One piece of office equipment that really impressed her was the hole puncher and she spent a good 30 minutes making holes in a sheet of A4 paper. Who knew that could be so much fun for a four year old. Later we went to the Sanderson Hotel for the Mad Hatters Tea.

It was a lovely spread and I loved the vintagy cake stands but if I had one teeny tiny criticism; I felt the sandwiches and scones didn't taste very fresh and had been stored too long in the chiller cabinet.

The best bit of her day? When I asked her she said the all white toilets were really fun!
I had a hard time trying to get her out as she flopped out and decided to make a bed on the day bed in the ladies loos....
Excuse these photos but I did these on my camera phone and she wouldn't stand still and I was laughing too much.

Clothing credits: White linen Jacket by Reiss,Skinny Jeans by Sass and Bide. Breton T-shirt by H&M. Curly Haired Beauty's striped Hello Kitty Dress and spotty leggins by H&M. Pink Neon scarf by Accessorize.


  1. August is flying by isn't it, they will be back to school before we know it. I love the look of the Mad Hatters Tea, I want to go....


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