Little Red Riding Hood

OK not quite but with this Autumnal weather (goodbye Summer) my thoughts have turned to winter coats. Not for me mind you but for The Curly Haired Beauty. As you know she starts school next month and there are some very cute on-line options.

This red fleece cape is by American Apparel £37.00

Spotty velvet coat by Boden from £55

If I wanted to blow the budget I might consider this collarless J Crew coat for £209.23 - yep that's right as much as something I would spend on myself in midget size.....mmmm maybe I might be able to squeeze into the size 14 version?????


  1. I want that coat

  2. The cape! The cape! It will grow with her more than the others too ;)

  3. wow. I don't even spend that on my own coats! then again, maybe I should, and I might end up with a nice one that lasts ;) I vote spotty too. Over from Mummys Little Monkey, nice to meet you!

  4. adorable coats! afraid my daughter has to make do with George ;-)


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