I do like to be beside the seaside

Bank Holiday weekend, Rain, check! Oh well it was always too much to ask for a nice sunny one for a trip to Brighton. The place of my birth will always be very dear to me but also a place I couldn't live on a permanent basis. When the weather is as grim as it currently is - its a gentle reminder that during winter this coastal region is too depressing and makes me so pleased my parents moved us on and into London. Don't get me wrong I love Brighton, spent many happy trips here with family, friends, boyfriends, husband. Tried on the biggest diamond ring ever (7 carats) in a local jewelery shop, I wouldn't have been able to do that in Bond Street! It actually looked really ridiculous on me - too big and fake looking so a lucky escape for the boyfriend (now husband).

We recently returned from a lovely jaunt to celebrate his birthday - Yay without the kids in tow. The big 4-0. Happy times and had a lovely meals at Englishs Seafood restaurant. I had a pint of prawns followed by locally caught lobster, spaghetti with courgette, basil and chilli. D has potted shrimp and grilled Dover sole washed down with a good bottle of Sancerre. I love the seating arrangement inside Englishs - its very cosy and you get to sit next door to your dining companion rather than sit opposite. Much more intimate I think. We shared a banana and chocolate sundae and ear wigged actress Sarah Miles telling her dining companions how she turned down the role in Kramer Vs Kramer - who knew they were going to re-do that weepy movie??? The Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep classic - actually all I remember from that film is her in the classic trench coat.
Shows you how my mind wondered watching that movie....Its funny how things swing round again - Meryl's film wardrobe wouldn't look out of place worn for this A/W10.
Don't you think she looks a little like Leighton Meester in this still?

After our meal I quickly popped into Cath Kidston nearby - yes I am a guilty addict and my home couldn't be more filled with her cheery prints. Had a quick rummage in the sale bin upstairs and got some lovely check fabric to upholster my sofa with.

Its something I have been meaning to do for ages. Our current sofa is in a sorry state - its covered in beige linen, dry clean only, and is looking worse for wear after 3 babies, potty training etc. I can't afford to get the whole thing covered as it takes a lot of fabric, so I'm getting the cushions seats recovered and having arm covers done. God bless my mum who is a whizz at the sewing machine.


  1. Hi there-sounds like you had a wonderful time, despite the weather-the restaurant sounds gorgeous too!

  2. she does look like leighton meester!!!!

  3. Yes Brighton is a great weekend location! Kramer vs Kramer who would have thought it. Great photos and guilty too of hidden Cath Kidston addiction. I only need a beach hut to deck out xx

  4. Brighton is a fab place. Sounds like you had a great time. e xx


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