There are two of these monsterous  Vitra  alcove sofa's for sale at Lots Road Auctions this Sunday. They are HUGE and weirdly remind me of a padded cell; being bright red it does not go with my decor or would fit through my front door. But I can't help thinking my home would not be complete without one! Thing 1 and Thing 2 can bounce around quite safely on it and Curly Haired Beauty will think its the best ever boat,ship, rocket ever in her make believe world. Estimate is £400-£600 which I think is a steal for such an amazing design. Cheaper than Habitat and doing your part for recycling/low carbon footprint too.  


  1. Be great for a kids room, not sure I'd want one in my lounge though!

  2. Oh my what a great price! If only I had a cinema room I'd be after that...


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