I was a bit premature about summer being over yesterday - this morning was truly gloomy - I wore shades of grey and black to reflect the sky above. By lunchtime I was sweltering in thick black tights and wool kilt as the heavens turned blue and the sun shone brightly. I'm not complaining but my goodness it was hot and sweaty on that tube later. Do people think its OK to smell unwashed and go on public transport.....

Anyway I digress - I was out and about on my lunch break looking for tights! Yep on another mission to stock up and Falke hit the mark for patterned tights. I know I should have been scooping up the dregs of the summer sales or making more investment purchases for A/W10 or just enjoying the summery weather before it really does disappear again. Did anyone hear the weatherman say its suppose to be damp through to November?? I just wanted to be prepared for the inevitable.
When I got home, I headed to the garden to check out what's left of the vegetable patch, now our glut is over (we ate courgettes every night for a week) - 2 yellow courgettes and 1 petit pan and the lone Sunflower has made an appearance! Leaves all mottled with holes but a perfect sunny face after being a green bud for so long. It was a seedling purchased at the pre-school May Fair to raise funds. Its taken its own sweet time but its so lovely to look at now, in all its sunny radiance. I should have taken a photo but Thing 1 chose the time to hurl himself off the trampoline and Thing 2 was heading for the still damp and slimy slide. Gazebo is still up - it resisted the rain last night - that was such a great cheapy purchase last year. I shall be really sad when it does keel over as I know I will be rubbish at packing it away. The winds will sweep it away to the church next door.


  1. 3 under 3? Wow you deserve a medal!


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