Little Peggy bag by Mimi seems to be the most excellent sized handbag for AW10 and the perfect antidote  to an 'It Bag' which I have always thought too big, too heavy & bad for your back. FACT - a friend sustained serious injury after carrying a Chloe Paddington  for 6 months.  Her doctor blamed the padlock and various metal hardware bits that weighed the bag down. . 

Small hard leather satchel with one outside pocket and a long adjustable leather strap. Unlined, Peggy is a beautiful little bag, perfect for slinging over your shoulder, back or front. Peggy will fit a paperback book, keys purse, phone or other essentials inside, and is great if you prefer to have your hands free. Ingeniously simple front fastening design which is very secure, but can be easily opened without the fuss of buckles. Available in tan, dark brown, red and green leather for a very reasonable £165. I am smitten. 

I recently commented on another blog - Youngandyounger - the best thing about going back to work was the freedom to have your arms back. No pushing of the double buggy and struggling with an over stuffed baby change bag. Just a lovely itty bitty handbag, swinging from your arm. I'm not the only person who shares the virtues of owning a smaller bag - Melanie Rickey from Grazia is loving the Celine Classic. 


  1. I am so in agreement over the IT bag thing. I have been using a small vintage tan satchel all summer, we really do not need to carry around so much stuff in those big bags eh? e xx

  2. They are really cute, but I would never be able to cart all my stuff around in them, would have to use them as an evening bag.


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