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My skin is gross right now - I have had a huge spot on the left side of my chin for days, its a giant throbbing mountain of pain. Every time I move my mouth, it aches and feels sore and get this, there are not 3 yellow heads on it but 5! Sorry if I am grossing you out - but my hormones are raging.  I turn 39 in under two months and this is soooo not right. Why am I still getting spots (OK just the one but its MASSIVE)? I had the worse skin ever when pregnant and its been 16 months since I had the twins so why is my complexion still behaving so badly - always in the same place. I have avoided wearing make-up so not to aggravate the problem and the clay volcano look - no amount of Laura Mercier camouflage concealer was going to hid this blemish!

I know I have left the old beauty routine slip since having the 3 kids but this evening I made a supreme effort to fit in some treatments in-between the dinners, bathing and tots bed-time. First off was Decleor Purete exfoliant micro exfoliating gel which you apply to cleansed skin, wait a few minutes for it to dry slightly then massage into the skin gently  to scrub off the flaky bits and rinse off with warm water.
 It was followed by Elemis Tri-Enzyme resurfacing gel mask.. It really tingles when on the skin but in a good way as you feel its doing something. Wash off with warm water and pat face dry. 

I should say at this point I got interrupted by the Curly Haired Beauty who barged in to use her Fifi the flower tot pink potty. She was greatly amused by the colour on mummy's face. After explaining patiently that when mummy is in the bathroom it is her 'private time' - she scooted off to carry on reading her Princess magazine in her bedroom. Then I apply some Liz Earle Smoothing Line Serum, to make my skin feel super soft.

I have run out of SK ll Cellumination Essence which was a lovely freebie from Mummy Bear at She was not at all domestic which I have to say was probably THE best facial serum I have ever used. Liz Earle is not a bad runner up but you can really feel the difference on application. Then to try and address the Zit problem I apply some Elemis SOS Emergency Cream to the affected area and then a dab of Decleor Prolange Gel to help lessen the redness and reduce scarring (this really works even on stretch marks and op scars). 

Finally to moisturise I use Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and Elemis Pro-Collagen eye renewal around the eyes (only apply around the orbital bones).

There, that's me face done for the evening. Hopefully this will help my skin and it will lovely and renewed after a good night's sleep for tomorrow. 


  1. Oh well done - I so need a beauty routine again. Sounds like a good effort. the spot thing is hormonal due to periods, hence the concentration in one area and the repeat nature!

  2. Hi there-a very good routine, hope its done the trick for you! xx

  3. Breakouts are a cross that I also have to bare... The beauty routine is sacred at times when an invasion has taken place :P


  4. Blimey it must have taken ages to do all that!

  5. I so sympathise! I also have the dreaded hormonal acne!! 3 massive craters on the left of my chin too! Never had a pimple when I was a teenager, now I'm in my 30's I'm getting more than ever!! e xx


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