Busy bee me

Its been a busy old week for me, an evening drinks event on Tuesday with lots of merriment had by all. The staff at the Eagle Bar Diner couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating keeping everyone well oiled with beer's (for the men), fluffy Bellini's/Kir Royals/Mango jumbos (for the ladies) and substantial bar snacks. I decadently ordered a bottle of champagne (on the company credit card) to toast a newly wed - since the summer we have had a wedding, two engagements, two birth, a death and two major operations - The office life is a bit of a soap opera!  The evening ended with a comedy balloon cocktail. It was so massive it came in what looked like a fishbowl and 8 straws. It was hard work but my goodness it got drunk (not all by me I hasten to add). 

That night after I got home, I spent it lying on the floor in-between the twins cots trying to settle them, as they were both under the weather. Toddler Wild thing (former Thing 1) has a cough which kept waking him up causing him to cry out. His crying out was waking up Thing 2 , who was very grumpy and tired. I spent the hours from Midnight to 7am shushing, wiping noses, patting bum's with an arm shoved in-between the cot rails. Oh yes imagine how comfortable that was......it helped I was slightly drunk to cope with the discomfort and the booze kept me warm. Big tip for parents of young twins - never pick them up at night - you can comfort them in other ways but its a mistake to try and give one a cuddle as the other one will inevitably want the same treatment and believe me you don't want to go there trying to pick up two tots at once. I am immune to their cries and let them whine a bit before they tire out and go back to sleep.

Next day I was pretty tired and sore but managed to get to work on time (I love my 11am start time). Everyone who had partied were either in  late or had very croaky voices. One person went missing in action and his PA had to cancel all his appointments. My head felt a little cotton woolly and I was so pleased with my Outlook diary reminder popped up to tell me I had a hair cut appointment. So it was off out in the fresh air and a nice bit of pamper time at  Charles Worthington . When I arrived I must have hit the ladies who lunch slot, as it was full of mature women tucking into champagne having their hair done. Y came to greet me and we caught up with each other's toddler stories (her son is a few months younger than mine) she has cut my hair last two times and I really like the fact she never pushes me to have crazy hair colour and finds it acceptable to have a few white hairs . Most hair stylist thinks its unacceptable to have them and would rather you spend a small fortune and the rigorous maintenance that goes with it.  Quite frankly right now with the 3 tots I couldn't afford the time to spend it in a salon getting my roots touched up. It's a miracle I have been able to get out every 7 weeks to get my hair cut and retain some sense of order in my life.

With my barnet restored to its swinging shiny glory I was back in the office in under an hour and felt much refreshed. Later that day I was suppose to go collect my VIP ticket at Selfridges to enter the Jimmy Choo/Uggs pop up store. But my heart wasn't in it to go check out this collaboration. As I mentioned in a previous post - I just think its gliding the Lilly, all the extra studs and bling just seems so over blown. Plus I was shattered and wanted to hit my head on the pillow and pass out. Thankfully that night the tots only woke up once around 5am and I left them to cry it out a bit before they went back to sleep. I'm not a bad mum for ignoring my babes but I am very much a firm believer; babies can be taught to settle themselves plus the twins do have each other for company so are not completely alone in their room.

Tonight I am suppose to be on a girls night out to celebrate a 40th birthday but me being such a lightweight, twins still not 100% and a school night for Curly Hiared Beauty, I have given it a pass - so night night all. xxx


  1. You should have gone, sounds like you could do with a night out! Sorry I haven't stopped by lately still struggling time-wise with hospital visiting. Have done a blog post about the Fur Jacket, hope you don't mind darling xx Hope the babies are getting better xx

  2. Blimey, you are busy superwoman!! Hope your twins are better. exx


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