Saggy and baggy

As far as I am aware there is a very expensive  surgery procedure to help saggy baggy knees look young and smooth again ($400K just ask Demi Moore). 

I say this as I am getting super conscious about my ageing knees. With legs encased in back opaque tights its not so noticeable but with the more holey lacy type of tights I have been wearing recently, I can't help thinking am I showing too much? What is the cut off point to stop wearing skirts of a (ahem) shorter length?

Lisa Snowdon is ten months older than me and can rock a mini any day. I'm five days older than Winona Ryder and she is eternally youthful looking (OK covered in a shroud as Spok's mum for Star Trek re-make) 

Sandra Oh and Rachel Weiz have amazing skin and bone structure. 

Of course its easier being a man - David Tennant, Mark Wahlberg (forever Marky Mark to me), Luke Wilson, we were all born in the same year and they look hot.

With another year to go before 40 - do I go get my hair cut short and to quote Boy George have "hair like a dinner lady" (I mean this as no disrespect to catering assistants). What to do? - carry on as I am and be secretly pleased I can still wear things from 15/20 years ago. Do I want to wear clothes older than my marriage/children? I already have the classic trench coat, camel coat, Little Black Dresses, cashmere sweaters, Couture pieces (love you Dior), I just don't want to look, well it a bad thing not wanting to look your age? Or worse (shock horror) mutton dressed as lamb. I guess I have always worn a shorter skirt length as it suits my height and petite frame. My style rule has always been to dress to suit your figure and not follow trends too slavishly. 

Maybe I have been lucky genetically and have never looked my true age - two months ago I was asked for ID in Tesco's as I was trying to buy 2 bottles of wine. The guy on the till said he asks everyone who looks 25 and under. Purlease I should be flattered but give me a break all I had was my clubcard so I showed him the photos of the twins and he let me have the wine! Go figure??!?!?!?

 I'm certainly feeling old now.  My mother had three kids by the time she was 27 and I had three at 37. I feel knackered caring for young children and long for a lie in (me not greedy just to 8.30am will do me please). I hate this teething, sickness season - will it ever end?
In case you wondered - the multitude of eye creams, high SPF face creams and no sunbathing rule since 2001 had really kept my face more or less wrinkle free, my upper arms are toned from lifting babies/toddlers/3 year old. No age spots on my hands and no dreaded turkey neck. Tummy is flat and taut (amazing achievement after having twins - thank you Pilates). Its just my bloody knees that are looking old! Even Madonna has this problem and if you check her out in London town, she has recently been seen wearing below the knee dresses. 
I've already sorted my 'look' for when I hit 50. I am going for a kooky Edna Mode vibe (she was the best character in The Incredible) - head to toe Comme de Garcon and Issy Miyake and have an asymmetrical shiny bobbed hair-do. It's the forties years that I haven't worked out style wise.


  1. Oh just keep going. Life's too short to worry about knees, although those leg lift things at gym are good for them. Mind you I'm thinking about fillers!

    As for parcels more likely Amazon. Although I did have a Boden one for petit garcon the other day which was half empty with items on 3 week delay, bloody rubbish.

  2. I have always hated my own legs, so I say if the rest of your legs have still got it, then go for it, and don't worry about the knees!

  3. Hi there-haha, loved this post and how you want to be styled a la Edna when 50-she is soo fabulous!!

  4. I say if your current style works for then work it, looking younger is definitely more of a blessing then a curse. In my 50's I plan to be a fabulously eccentric lady dressed head to toe in purple :-)


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