Saggy and baggy part two

I can't afford the knee surgery so yesterday I tried out the new Midi- length skirt, it was a black wool one by Toast worn with a dark grey neat fitting cardigan a la Mad Men. To say I looked and felt frumpy all day was a bit of an understatement. Out of my comfort zone and hating the way the skirt hit right where my calf is at its fattest (thanks Dad for letting me inherit those gams). Maybe I should have worn them with some midi heels rather than flat patent ballet pumps but to top it all I had for some unknown reason managed to put on a pair of maternity tights! Hell I had puddles of wrinkles around my cankles all day!  Nora Batty eat your heart out.

I only realised during a trip to the loo that the tights had a extra stretchy tummy panel - there was me thinking "have I lost weight, why is this so loose on me?" Ladies if you ever want to think yourself thin - put on a pair of maternity tights! They went straight into the bin when I got home. Never again.... I thought I had gotten rid of every bit of maternity wear 17 months ago! 3 tots is more than enough. And why was yesterday so lovely, sunny and warm? - I totally sweltered  and got very hot and bothered.

Today I wore a black Uniqlo skater skirt with the hem length just hitting below my knees. I must have lost my style mojo as I teamed in up with an Urban Outfitter navy and red stripe long sleeve-T, grey lacy tights and black ankle boots. Yes I got dressed in the dark :-(

I haven't a clue how to work the new longer skirt length - things were so much more easier with a mini. Kate at Make Do Style and Julie B at The Sardine Tin I'm going to grin and bear it and let the world see my saggy baggy knees. XXX twosp


  1. I think that just at the bottom of the knee or mid knee is the most flattering length, for any woman who isn't a 6 foot tall super model.
    And, for mid calf lengths I think that knee high boots are best.
    Just my humble opinion.

  2. I have to say I avoid any skirt that goes lower than the bottom of the knee. What you need is the nice Whistles metallic a-line skirt. And do leg lifts/leg press at gym - alternative leg lift for knees at home - sit on chair put a toddler on your legs lift up and down keeping feet pointed upwards. If worried about toddler being harmed in vanity exercise substitute pillows and do it slowly - all the control must come from the knees!

    As for Boden, well they sent me a customer feedback form and I went to town - 2 days later the missing items turns up - obv someone in Dulwich/Fulham is now further down the list on this item.

  3. PS Do you have a beauty client - one who would allow filming in one of their dept stores areas or anywhere interesting. Need somewhere for Tuesday for make up artist to demonstrate top anti ageing make up quick fixes!

  4. Have to agree with Belle that mid-calf is a tricky length to pull off at the best of times (I have learnt this from bitter personal experience, given also that I possess calves a Premiership footballer would be proud of).
    Glad to hear you are embracing your knees, and thanks for the mention!

  5. Hi there-I'm also not a fan of mid calf skirts, I think I only have one in my wardrobe-I'll wear minis for as long as possible, lol!!

  6. I have to say I lost my whole dressing mojo after the boys and then having a mastectomy sort of finished me off, plus this whole Indian Autumn thing has me very confused!

  7. Taking midcalf skirts up a little bit can give you the "longer skirt" look while still being more flattering than the right-off-the-rack length!


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