Velvet Underground

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments on my previous post and helping me see the light and get my fashion mojo back. Your great tips reminded me of when I was a fashion student and met with Hardy Amies who was giving a lecture at the Museum of London. His memorable quotes were "Silver is for the dining table" in reference to jewelery, nothing less than gold or diamonds were permissible for a Lady to wear- what a snob, god love him ! The other was the perfect hem length should be just below the knee; which was greeted by lots of *nods of agreement* from the more mature audience - I had yet to appreciate how true his words would ring now I am 'ahem' more mature. There was I, 19 and wearing velvet hotpants to college - have just worked out in my head that was 20 bloody years ago! No one should remember what they did 20 years ago!

Right I had better grab that toddler and get working out on the knee lifts - thanks Kate for the workout tip. Better use the lighter weight one, as Toddler Wild thing is HEAVY and may break my ankles.

Now I am over the puking baby stage but still to hit the potty training wee wee everywhere stage, I may get a few of these lovelies to give my home an Autumnal vibe.

Velvet cushions from Hennes £14.99 its enough to break my Cath Kidston habit (florals hide a multitude of stains). Will look mighty fine perched on the tots head for the cruel Christmas photo that I have decided is the new family tradition.


  1. Velvet hotpants when you were in school, really?
    Please post a photo.


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