Happy Birthday to me

Well this morning I didn't wake up crying  as I turned 39, I was quite cheerful and in a lovely mood - it helped all three tots let me have a lie in to almost 8am! Wow that was a real treat I can't remember when I last got to do that. I also got a cuppa brought up, not quite in bed but was greeted with it on the landing by D. Curly haired beauty took herself off to get breakfast (no screeching or pleading for my attention which she normally does). Toddler Wild Thing (former Thing 1) and Thing 2 looking less crusty snot nosed - colds/cough getting better. Ah don't they look cute stood up in their cots waiting patiently for me and they didn't struggle too much after a nappy change and drank all their milk (as opposed to playing spitting it out over mummy game). A quick mirror check showed no more wrinkles have appeared over night and I still looked how I did at 38 - which was reassuring.....loving Elemis Bliss Capsules to give my skin its glow again - no flaky chapiness for me in this extra cold weather we have been having. I received 4 cards one each from the tots and D and got a lovely rendition of Happy Birthday (almost in tune) over breakfast.

Then it was off out with Curly Haired beauty to meet MiL in central London as she offered to take her for a few days during half term break. It was such a lovely bright sunny day but we had to wrap up warm, so trusty Ugg were worn again. Met MiL at station, Curly Haired Beauty was handed over, no teary goodbyes; just an excited grandchild who was looking forward to a sleepover and lots of  forbidden TV and a train ride Oop North. Then I was free to have Me time - yippeee. Where the hell should I go???

Mmmm since The Savoy re-opened a few weeks back I have been dying to have a gander so why not, it is my birthday after all. D met me outside and we headed inside for the American Bar for a cocktail - oh yes a liquid lunch was on the cards.....All very nice interiors, white grande piano, check, Noel Coward sound track, check, Terry O'Neil black and white portraits lined the walls and the most delicious White Lady cocktail - yum yum. Whoa that did go to my head quickly and no amount of nibbles was going to help tone down that effect as we made our way unsteadily for a more substantial meal downstairs.

Only to be told the restaurant was fully booked until Christmas - oh well we tried to be spontaneous and I didn't have the balls to pretend I was a hotel guest so we headed out back into the cold air and wondered down The Strand. I saw a man walking his pet ferret on a leash....yes that's for real - I tweeted it. It was not the cocktail giving me beer goggles. We ended up at Wahaca in Covent Garden and loaded up on great Mexican street food. Not as refined as the meal we should have had. But it hit the spot and sobered me up. So all in all an excellent day was had - I got to spend some time with D - we were like any regular couple sans enfant and it was great fun :-)


  1. Happy Birthday!! Glad you had a good day and I love that Mexican xx

  2. Happy birthday my dear - The Savoy sounds wonderful, and so elegant just to go there for a drink and then move on elsewhere like the butterfly you are x

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely day! The cocktail sounds mouthwatering, what is in a White Lady xx Happy Birthday once again xxx

  4. Hi there-so pleased you had a lovely day, Happy Belated Birthday wishes to you! xx


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