Yesterday evening whilst searching through my stationary drawer for a stamp, I came across my birthday diary and *yikes!* discovered it was my MiL birthday today. Hell I thought it was on the 18th October. I rang D to tell him and by his reaction he knew he was in BIG TROUBLE with his mother. It was already 7.30pm what could we do?  Since we have gotten married I have somehow assumed the birthday reminder and card sender role. Take it from me it just happens - my brother leaves these things for his wife to handle. Men just can't get their heads around remembering dates, just football scores or random facts. D knows we got married on Valentines Day but can't work out the date is also 14th February.
By the time he got home and rang his mum (how tentative was he waiting for the phone to be picked up) only to discover she had gone to bed with a cold and had woken up his dad who had fallen asleep in front of the telly. Hmmmmm - years ago before we got married, we were on a dinner date, his three older sisters took it in turns to ring his mobile and tell him he had forgotten it was their mum's birthday. How cruel is that to wait until the night to mention it, leaving him to grovel with an apologetic call. Not one sister thought it would be 'nice' to call him in the morning so he had a chance to send some flowers.
Anyway at first light I hit the web and arranged with Interflora to send a bunch of Autumn Roses to MiL, I even paid the extra and selected the 3 hour today delivery option. Signed with lots of hugs and kisses from the 3 tots. Hopefully that was enough to stave off a wrath like reaction towards D....Thank you Interflora for hopefully saving a mother/son relationship (this is not a sponsored post).
PS its not like he intentionally forget the woman who gave birth to him, bringer of his life, is important to him, its just not on his radar to remember such things. He had already given her an early present back in the summer; an antique doll (scary looking thing that she loves to collect).
Of course if he forgets my birthday in two weeks, there will be hell to pay......and then some......><

PSS got a text this afternoon - MiL got the flowers and loved them - good stuff means she is still talking to him/us. 


  1. Ha ha..we NEVER remember his family birthdays. You see he has never told me the dates so I have no idea when to send cards!!! And it was my birthday on sunday....and he didn't get me a card from the kids....there were tears and tantrums, I tell you!

  2. Alls well that ends well then!! Have a great weekend! x


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