Belated post

Well Blogger was down for a bit and wouldn't you know it was timed perfectly just when I needed to post onto my blog!

For those of you follow me on Twitter I met up with a few other bloggers post BlogCamp the other day. It was really nice to put a face to a name/blogname etc. Also to prove I am not a 50-something man with an alter-ego! I didn't actually go to BlogCamp (no tents or campfires) as I'm not a person in want to pimp my blog or feel the need to sit in a room and be told how to pimp myself :-)

Maybe I should, I have been told its well written (cheers), but I'm not seeking a book deal, not wanting to make any money from it and I feel it would distract from my everyday life. Which is tough enough being a working mother with 3 small children and oh yes a husband to look after. Without the extra burden and commitment to take this blog further.

I write on this blog cause I like too. Its a creative outlet, harking back to my former fashion days as a Stylist/publishing; OK strap line used to be 'Leap into Linen' or 'How to work Navy in 20 ways' but you get the gist here. I'm always flattered people stop by to read it or leave a comment or even follow my blog *waving hello to my 64 followers*. I don't get depressed if someone 'unfollows me', I never take it personally. I don't go into Stats to check where I'm most popular or how the internet community made its way to my blog site. I thank everyone who has ever linked me into their blog or sent me a Meme. I truly realised how much this blog meant to me when Blogger was down. Twitter was up in arms with not being able to comment, read, posts deleted etc. I missed blogging, reading other blogs and catching up with what's been going on in everyone's very different world to mine. I've made some great Twitter buddies through blogging. Yeah you know who you are from the state of last nights Eurovision11. I cannot believe Jedward didn't win it.

BTW if you were at the Graphic Bar I must have appeared very rude for not saying goodbye. I roll up for an hour help myself to the amusing cocktails in paint pots, have a natter and then pop to the loo. Unknown to me, whilst I went to spend a penny everyone around the table had moved onto the bar area. Me being a total blind dingbat come back up from the basement loo's, 'see' everyone are no longer at the table and leaves......I didn't get a chance to say thank you for the drinks. Whoops will make it up to you all, as I guess some of you will be going to CymberMummy next month - yep I'm not going but plan to meet some bloggers afterwards!


  1. Ha!

    I still cant believe you thought your singing partner would ditch you at the bar!

    still was fabulous to meet you x

  2. Oh blog camp sounds interesting!
    The eurovison was a hoot xx

  3. Blog camp? There's a blog camp? *gathers tent, sticks and a firelighter*.


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