Well look at me

Yep got a email today from someone at work 'fancy seeing you in the Telegraph'...
Go click on the link and see if you can spot me Sunday Telegraph Stella magazine Page 35. Go the the Galleries section "How Old are these Women'

I look great... scratch that, I look bloody great for my age!!! See a lifetime of looking after my skin, no sunbathing, no smoking and spending the cash on the lotions and potions have paid off. Excuse the non-smiling me though, I think I did smile for a couple of shots but they decided to choose this one. I had to do my own hair and make up at the photo shoot and used the following products:

Bourjois Mineral Matte Mousse Foundation Shade 85
Laura Mercier Undercover - Secret Camouflage and secret concealer and loose setting powder
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose
Clinique Glosswear in Raspberry Jam (no longer available in store, just as well I stocked up on 5 of these)
Clinique Cream Shaper Eye Liner in Black Diamond
Dior Mascara Spectacular Volume Intense Black

White shirt from Benetton

With hindsight I wished I had worn more make-up as the strong natural daylight has left me looking more pale than I am.

I showed my seven year old nephew the article, he kept asking me why my photo was in the magazine. I told him I was famous...he looked at me and said 'No You're not, you're my aunt'. Ah bless him for putting me back into place. Now excuse me while I deflate my head.


  1. Wow!! You look great, but I told you that when I saw you in 'real life' too.

  2. Congratulations! Not only on being in the Telegraph but also on looking so darn fabulous Lady!!!But then I thought you looked fantastic when I met you at the Jasper Garvida show. And bless your nephew.. kids keep it all in perspective don't they? Have a lovely rest of the weekend! xxx

  3. You did your own hair and make-up? WTF bloody cheapskates!

  4. I don't know which one is you! But everyone looks wonderful so it doesn't matter. What a great feature.


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