Spring/Summer Dressing

The warm weather started un-naturally early for us, Since April I have been continually caught out in what to wear. For work I normally dress in black, its easy, no brainer and I can do without the stress of putting an outfit together as a lot of my Spring/ Summer clothes are still in the attic. Its bad enough trying to get Curly Haired Beauty dressed everyday. Who knew a 4 year old would have such strong opinions on what to wear. I have no idea where she gets that from.....D would like to point out 'from her Mother's genes' but I shall gloss over that.

I was still looking for pivotal pieces to add to my already groaning wardrobe to help update what I already have. In these austere times we cannot be splashing the cash on frivolous fashion items. I would dearly love to do the colour block look but something tells me to hold off on cerise pink and orange as an everyday colour combo.

Now my favorite place to go for high street basics is Uniqlo, I much prefer it to Gap or Primark. Things I buy from there are never very obvious from there (e,g, TopShop gear can well look like you got it from TopShop!), they look more expensive than they are and generally wash and wear brilliantly for someone who is time poor and cannot dry clean everything. Right now they have the extra fine pima cotton short-sleeve t-shits on sale in store for £2.99. Yep get them now before cotton prices sky rocket due to poor USA weather conditions. No matter how careful I am about laundering my clothes - a white t-shirt from seasons before never stays pristine. So I snapped a few of these (with crew, scoop and v-neck line) plus a couple of colourful T's. I also bought a silk long sleeve khaki shirt dress and a navy floral modal maxi dress. These colours are perfect as they are 'lighter' than black for SS11, suits most skin tones and I find wearing dresses helps to lessen the accessories I need and the daily stress of what goes with what. Just a belt to ring in the changes or necklace plus shoes/sandals etc. You're good to go!

Maxi dress I bought is the 3rd one in from the right. Excuse this photo, its shockingly styled but I got it from their webpage. Without sounding big headed I look much better in it and it doesn't make me look 5 months pregnant (honest!)

My only tiny gripe about Uniqlo is the poor customer service in W1 stores. I have to really grit my teeth and try not to huff and puff at the lack of cashiers behind the till to take your money. Those on a 30 minute lunch break (me) cannot spend an eternity waiting to pay....so come on sort your act out. The amount of times I have eyeballed staff (or crew as they like to be known) busy folding t-shirts and there is a queue 10 people deep waiting to pay. Don't they want to make money? I shall refrain from a Queen of Shops style rant here. Over and Out


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