Hair do not a hair don't

I thought I would give you an update about my hair growing progress, apart from a little wobble over the weekend when I wanted to cut it all off with shears, I am amazed at the longer length I have achieved. Today I got my regular bi-monthly trim at Charles Worthington. It was packed out with Ladies who lunch getting their hair blown dry. I think I may have been the only person actually having anything snipped off. Y did a great job tidying things up and aiding me in achieving my much wanted ambition to have long hair. Its now past my shoulders and give it a few more months it will reach my back bra strap. Anything longer will look too Wagish or wiggy on me. Current hair condition is v good, been using Herbal Essences shampoo and Aussie Conditioner . I used to be a religious Aveda user but budget and expanding family meant I had to give up that expensive habit. But I will never give up my regular salon visits - its so hard to find someone who 'gets my hair type'. One wrong snip and the mistake shows, pitfall of having such straight hair....

Unlike my recent endevour on the Curly Haired Beauty, I distracted her with  Fruit Ninja on the iPod Touch (the best app for kids) whilst I gave her a quick fringe trim.As she was sitting still for so long I thought I would also cut off some of the length at the back...well thank goodness she has curly hair. You can't see how bad the uneveness is. The curls disguise the choppiness of my efforts. One day, when she is older, I will make it up to her and take her to my grown up salon sanctuary. She will love it


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