Wedding season

I'm still in happy Royal Wedding  mode and had to snap up every commemorative magazine or paper featuring the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Crazy to hear the photographer only had 28 minutes to take all the official photos before the chanting crowds outside Buckingham Palace got the money shot of the newly weds kissing.It's bad enough trying to get a photo of my three kids together; let alone six children who have probably been up for ages, over tired and maybe a little phased by all the attention and noise. But didn't they do well? No obvious tears or tantrums...mmmm must have been a lot of sweetie bribes going on in the background.

Now I know the tide of bridal fashion is going to change with Kates' (now Catherine) lace sleeve wedding dress. It's funny how Vera Wang  waaaay back in the 1990's had became the gold standard for wedding dresses; the sleeveless corseted boned bodice structure flowing down to a full skirt.

This much copied silhouette by every woman; who had rejected the previous generation puffy mutton sleeve meringues. Former client and celebrity guest at RW11, Victoria Beckham modelling 'the look'.
The Duchess of York as she was known then, notable for her absence at the recent Royal Wedding.


  1. I think that the official wedding photographs are beautiful.

  2. 28 mins sounds perfect to me. I refused any posed shots save one group one. I sometimes regret it but then it was more fun not getting bored and being regimented.

    I'm still loving the feel good factor it created and how hilarious that the duchess of York wasn't invited - would have been wrong if she was there.

  3. Hi there-I can't believe a week has gone past already, it was a truly beautiful wedding and stunning photos too! xx


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