Easter Bunny came early

Sometimes my job gets a bit surreal, but if it makes everyone happy then that's cool with me. The powers that be thought it would be good for morale to give everyone a Chocolate Easter Egg as a thank you present for all their hard work in Q1. I really didn't need much of an excuse to go get them. I thought what an eggcellent idea! It was a nice generous budget too (although not enough to be able to get Hotel Chocolate) so I decided Green & Black's would be perfect. Looking through their website there were some great choices but I opted for Milk Chocolate - Andrea at the head office was very helpful and she was able to get them couriered over the next day. I got a colleague, who gets into the office very early, to leave one on each desk. She was more than happy to be on Easter bunny duties. Needless to say by the time it was 11am I was on a sugar high from scoffing all the chocs - the generously sized egg came with two bars of chocolate, Butterscotch and Almond. Truly yummy. Totally spoilt my lunch and I was starving hungry by 2pm and really thirsty.  We tell our kids not to eat sweets  before a meal and I only go and do eggactly that!

Later in the day I saw a guy wheeling a shopping trolley down Rathbone Place, it was full of Cadbury's Cream Easter Eggs. So I guess somewhere else was treating their staff too.


  1. Butterscotch and Almond sounds delicious! What a lucky workforce!

  2. what an eggscellent idea......let the chocolate fest begin!!


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