OMG at last they are on-line

Today I popped out in my lunch break to head over to the Margaret Howell sample sale near Bond Street. I walked out into the worse dump of rain ever and was throughly soaked before I even made it to Oxford Circus. Typical - I had washed my hair this morning and not taken a brolly! I was wearing patent peep toe heels and got stuck behind the biggest slowest group of Italian students ever- I have maybe ranted about this before but  why do Italian students need to crowd into Bennetton? WHY are there so many suitcase wheeling tourists in Oxford St. Why stop at the narrowest point in the pavement for no reason?!?!?!? Its raining cats and dogs - get outta my way people!

I got so pissed off I headed back to the office to dry off and didn't make it to the sale. Believe me I am so not happy about that. This is why I probably love on-line shopping - ok its not the same thrill of making a purchase and instant gratification of being able to wear it right away. But when that parcel comes through the door - the whole self-gifting 'I deserve it present' really makes my day. I think I probably developed my Net-a-porter habit on my first maternity leave. It was a well deserved pat on the back for getting my figure back so quickly (helps I have a thyroid condition to speed my metabolism).

Anyway look who has finally  joined the digital revolution?!? Selfridges is now online and they have the most amazing lists of designer gear and everyday items for sale on the internet. I couldn't resist checking out this beautiful Nautical jacket by Givenchy.  I have to say the styling of the photos are a little ASOS for my liking and it took a while for all the images to load up but that could be my mac's fault. Homeware, Food, Beauty are also sold on their website.


  1. I used to love online shopping, but being over 40 and having 3 children my shape has changed, I prefer shopping trips up to Selfridges a couple of times a year (on my own), a good excuse to catch up with friends without taking chldren to the loo and cutting up other peoples' lunches!

  2. Hi there-I'll have to check them out, I adore browsing in Selfridges, especially the food hall!!

  3. Thanks for the heads up about Selfridges on line! Though I do love shopping there whenever I'm back in the UK!

    Know what it's like being caught in the rain in the West End behind squillions of tourists!!



  4. No! Bas**** tourists, they ruin a good quick romp along Oxford St. Can't believe you missed the sample sale but I'd have done the same, nothing worse than being wet and grumpy.

    I have to say Selfridges website is good idea, great way to miss all the sodding tourists meandering in there too!! xx

  5. Online shopping has taken over for me, mainly because all the other people in shops annoy me. I hope to one day reach the status of Victoria Beckham where I can request shops be closed for the day so I can browse alone (in my dreams) lol


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