Would you like some cake?


When Curly haired beauty was coming up to one years old - we made a lot of fuss over her and had party. I went a bit mad on the cake and we chose this one from The Cake Store  I say 'we', meaning I had her sat on my knee in front on the computer and I showed her the various designs and she really reacted to this baby cake. Clapping hands, giggling etc. Too cute! When I went to collect the cake, it was Massive - it was bigger than her and after the party I filled 3 cake tins with the leftovers and took it into work.

Next month we are having a double celebration for the twins. Its even more poignant as we never thought they would make it after their traumatic and early arrival. It should be a joyous occasion - time to put away the fears and the heartache that has been my constant companion these last eleven months. Throw in an active and easily bored 3 year old and its relentless, tiring and not very rewarding being a mother sometimes. But I look at my children and feel a lot of love for these little creatures. They already know their own minds and have strong opinions on what they want from life. I need to order a cake (well two) and thought these will indulge mummy's cupcake obsession, from Lola's Cupcakes . I know not very boyish but I'm in charge of the credit card!


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