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It's always the way - you go out looking for a certain something but you don't can't find it! At the Temperley Sample sale last week I hunted high and low for the Cecily mini tunic dress - in my head I thought it would tick all the boxes for SS10. But it wasn't there, there were a few other similar dresses but they just were not in the right colour. I didn't want to settle for the second best so I came away empty handed - gutted. I am trying to be more strict with my shopping as I have had a run of impulse buy's the last few months. I've been letting the delights of W1 go to my head and being able to access lovely shops again. So I turned to ShopStyle to see if I could hunt it down. They have it on The Outnet but look who else has something that's a fraction of the price. Top Shop :-D 
OK not the exact dress and not the same detailing or fabric, but pretty close colour match and with the saving I could go on to buy sooo much more. What shall I do, go for quality designer dress or high street knock off?


  1. I hear there are designers standing by tonight in Hollywood ready to knock off instant copies for the high street of stars' dresses (particularly anything worn by Sandra Bullock). Doubtlessly Topshop will be stocking these too! =D

    Have a great week ahead.

    x LOLA:)

  2. Hi there-if you can afford to, go for the quality one-its a timeless stylish piece that you can wear for a lot of summers to come!!


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