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I have always been a fan of Beatrix Ong – hailed ‘The New Choo’ in 2004 – I am always regretting I never got her messenger boots a few years ago. They can still be bought on some discount designer websites; alas the only size available is 36 – so short of acting like an ugly step-sister by cutting my toes and heels off to jam my foot in. I will have to live with this fashion regret – amongst the others; Prada lipstick print skirt found in Notting Hill Exchange (too big but I could have taken it in), Marni flower print coat in TK Maxx (pregnant/fat).

Currently Ong has some great SS10 shoes in Liberty’s - her Nude Inspired collection by masters such as Bottichelli and ancient Greek and Roman mythology. But I spied a bargain on her website from last season for 70 quid – pony skin flats in tan with a black patent strap. I could easily work this into my spring wardrobe and coloured footwear would be a great way to lift a work outfit.

Now I did have my heart set on some Rupert Sanderson heels – but after yesterday’s mammoth trek into the office (due to a trackside fire) I had to take a  bus, train, tube, power walk – tripping about  W1 in heels is not a good thing. My ankles are throbbing from where I kept rucking over on un-even pavements. Why oh why are there so many slow walking people in Oxford Street? Why stop suddenly for no reason,  why pull an extremely large suitcase in the world’s busiest shopping area?  It shouldn’t be allowed! Rant rant …..


  1. Those pony skin flats are gorgeous, a definite style investment!!

  2. I am deeply in love with those messenger heels. Sadly I also would have to cut my toes off :(

  3. I love those heels too! And yes, why do people insist on lugging suitcases around Oxford Circus?? I wonder if they come on holiday to London and leave their brains at home!

  4. OMG, I am going to have to address the suitcase issue on my blog. That is all.

  5. Yes! Why suitcases on Oxford Street??? It's not as if there are many hotels to check into/ out of or bus stations to catch buses to far flung destinations on Oxford Street. They always move en masse too, blocking the whole pavement.


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