Pretty peachy

OMG I have found out someone's fiance works for ASOS and gets a 40% discount on their products. I am having a fit thinking about all the lovely things plus more I could get. This beautiful peach silk dress with swallow print, would be a perfect addition to my Spring wardrobe. Its already on sale for 58 quid, with the 40% discount it would be marked down to 34.81 quid.

With that saving, I could probably justify getting Curly Haired Beauty, a Barbie selecting one from the  Barbie Lounge, original cost 30 quid, but with discount its18 quid! I know still a lot for a bit of plastic but these dolls are dressed in classic LBD's and we could pick one that looks a bit like mummy.

I have not met this fiance yet - but I am already itching how to bring it up casually in conversation.....


  1. With the amount of clothes my Daughters buy from this Site, I seriously need to be friends with this person also! Love the dress!

  2. LOL, hope you get to meet her soon, the dress is just perfect for spring!!

  3. Which Barbie looks a bit like mummy?
    Get that discount girl!
    WEM xx

  4. thank you thank you - but how do I broach the subject? Congratulations - and BTW can you buy XYZ for me please?
    The Barbie 6th in from the right has the same hairdo as me! Comes with some amazing accessories that I thought would be fun for CHB/Me to play with!


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