Is it me or do they look...?

Last night after tidying up when all three tots were in bed - it struck me, in my sleep deprived head, that Curly Haired Beauties 'girls world' dolls head looked a little bit like Sandra and SJP in my previous post. Snow White, all demure, neat as a pin, simple but classic. Barbie all tangoed, over made-up and older looking. Its probably a bit unfair to compare the two actresses who are poles apart in looks, acting ability and talent.

As a mum, for CHB I have tried to give her positive role model dolls, things she can identify with like I had as a child. Growing up as a child in the 70's my dolls had dark hair and brown eyes - apart from Strawberry Shortcake who was a redhead but smelt of strawberries! I did occasionally get given blonde dolls as presents but I didn't play with them as much. Back then I had a passion for fashion and used to make little outfits for all my toys; including Snoopy who wore a dress :-)


  1. I never really thought about giving my girls positive female roll models when they were little, instead they have all developed my taste for Chocolate, Shoes and Louis Vuitton bags - not good!

  2. Mrs Fab so naughty!! I didn't really do dolls and as a house of girls we thought we ruled the world. I am naturally blond so that is always a problem esp as I always wanted to be brown haired!

  3. I was never really into dolls - preferred cuddly toys. I was quite a tomboy! I seem to remember spending lots of time making houses for them. Preparation for my career in interiors perhaps?!

  4. CHB obviously thinks she is the Park Avenue Princess that is Blair Wardorf, her doppelganger!


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