Birkin mad

My all time fave handbag in its many guises - The Birkin - its so iconic, so sought after and so very expensive. It almost seems like a bargain that they are available at Christies  on 14th July  in South Kensington. OK maybe not really a bargain but in my head the cost savings from buying one of these babies from auction rather than go on the Hermes wait list and expire before one does become available seems pretty reasonable brain function goes into a extreme level when it comes to Birkin bags. I wonder if I can sell the other kidney for it?


  1. How much do they go for at Auction roughly?

  2. Christies is a gem for unexpected items. Interesting to see what they go for.

    And I so did not eat a maccie dees! It was a horrendous experience xx

  3. I guess that I'm just about the only one who is totally over the Birkin. When it seems that every other 20 year old rich girl or celebrity is carrying a Birkin in this neighborhood, they have lost all exclusivity in my opinion.
    I would though take a nice little Nancy Gonzales croc bag.


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