Its not the winning but the taking part

I had a great time on Saturday night with the Gurgle Awards team and other bloggers at.The Soho Hotel. On the way in I hit the Gay Pride celebrations in Soho and had to wade past the revelry, crushed cans and plastic bottles littering the streets. Glad I wore flat gladiator sandals!

At the Crimson bar, were amazing Strawberry Daiquiri's which were really delicious and very drinkable. I only had two as I could tell these were really strong (or was it just me being a light weight). I didn't give the watermelon coolers a look in!  The canapés were super cute; mini-burgers, mini fish and chips etc. I also had to help myself to a few chocolate brownies that were still warm from the oven. Mmmmmm yum but of course then I had a brown mouth and chatting away to the other bloggers - I'm sorry for talking with my gob full of choc debris!

It was a great honor to have been nominated Best Mummy Fashion Blog, as I have only been blogging regularly since last September.  I have never really considered this blog to be a 'mummy blog' or a 'Fashion' one - its just an outlet for me to put my thoughts out and anyone reading and liking it, is a bonus for me. I didn't win but Second Time Mummy did, in the fashion category, so huge congratulations to her. It was so great to have a natter with everyone and meet face to face in a lovely intimate setting. So cheers Nifa and Tor for the goody bags. I love the Melvita products and the sweets were a lovely touch for my journey home x


  1. Oh glad you had a good time - such a shame I missed it but was having fab holiday!

  2. It was a fab night, too bad we didn't get to meet properly :-(


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