Who lives in a place like this?

I love the internet - it opens up the world and presents lots of opportunities to be nosey! I came across this at Obeo and I thought NO WAY is this for real? Looks like France but as you will see its somewhere in the USA.

As you approach the drive here is the view - mmm very nice indeed
Oh look no pesky neighbors about to obscure your grand vista 
Interesting planting, nice use of colours and nearly low maintenance - LOL like you would need a team of gardeners to maintain this place
Through the keyhole - OK not a keyhole but you know what I mean, stick with me here....
Ah inside the dome, do you want to see a close up? scroll down
Doves - how cute! 
A bit more of the interior - the covered patio - I hope you can notice just how big this place really is. You won't believe what else it has
How nice it would be to take tea here in the tea room. 
Butlers pantry - why of course you would need a butler to buttle around you here! 
Its not just the Spelling who have a gift wrap room - you too can find one here
and check this out its called the Chanel closet!
of course you will need to have the use of a raquet hall
and a bowling alley - we are in the USA after all
Plus we can't leave out the Ball Room
which comes with its own catering kitchen - how simply marvelous they have thought of everything. Don't you hate it when canapes get cold or the champers is not chilled enough
Ladies powder room - or the bog as we call it here in my neck of the woods
The mens room or the John I suppose
Ahem - shall I mention the Shampoo Room - does that sound ridiculous? 
Or the cinema? check out the ceiling
Not forgetting the Pool House
Oh yeah there is an in-door pool as well.


  1. Why look, you're posting about my little summer cottage!

  2. What an amazing place!
    Re: Jigsaw sale, I have no plans to go shopping and online its not great, I really want one of their patterned maxi dresses.

  3. WHAAAAAAAT? I don't know why the gift wrap room impressed me more than anything else, but it did. UGH. x

  4. Argh I need to go off line again to avoid serious house envy xx

  5. I collect the keys and move in next week. I'll send you an invite to the house warming :-)


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