Rubber soles

I'm not one of those mum's that likes to wear matching outfits with their daughters. Maybe its a throwback to being a twin and having to wear identical outfits as children. When I hit 11 and I started to rebel against it, but by then we had to wear school uniforms and ended up looking just like everyone else!

Last few years I gave up wearing pink, so Curly Haired Beauty and I would not go down the matchy, matchy route. Now I love pink, I love Hello Kitty and I love all things cute and fluffy! So its no wonder my daughter has followed in my footsteps - just my colour palette is now black, white, navy, grey with the occasional splashy print.

Have a lookey here at these Viv Westwood shoes designed for Melissa in scented rubber, the fuschia heels are on sale in Selfridges, the peach one is from ASOS - ickle itty bitty designer shoes for your kiddies. I don't know whether I should laugh or cry. On moral principles I would never spend that much on children shoes as they will grow out of them in a nano second. They also look a little bit too much like Crocs and I hate crocs. I mentioned before I joined the Facebook group 'I hate Crocs as they are so Ugly'. But they are in scented rubber, they were designed by Dame Viv and I know Curly Haired Beauty would love them!

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  1. Rubber shoes for children...designer or not, please no. Isn't it enough that we were assaulted with crocs already?

  2. I saw these Viv shoes in Selfridges, I am not keen I have to say!

  3. Can't say I like them either - am doing a similar shoe post soon too coincidentally!

    Hope you're having a good week,


  4. Rubber shoes...I'll be honest...I'm not so sure...are they nostalgically fabulous like the jellies from our childhood games, or are they teetering on the heeled converse/ timberland boot territory.The heart motif however I think tips them into a happy place!


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