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I've been away off-line peeps enjoying the summer or what's left of it - that dump of rain yesterday??? Hello did the rain clouds not get the message - I went out to work with no coat/jacket and new strappy light coloured suede sandals?!! Anyway I dried out eventually... that's after an early start making paper shoes. Yep much amusement for Curly Haired Beauty - her own little mules decorated with stickers. Her feet are so small you can use toilet rolls, squash in half, cut out a rectangle bit, shape the sole by cutting rounded corner and hey presto you have new shoes. She loves them and can walk up and down the stairs in them. I later hear back from the childminder that toilet rolls should not be used as they pose a possible bio hazard. I ask you! Health and safety gone mad don't you think?


  1. Nice improvise of shoe cleaner better try it, right now it’s rainy season so expect the dirt hugs my shoes.

  2. Totally agree - Health & Safety completely gone mad in the Nanny State we live in!

    Have a lovely weekend



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