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My cheap 'every little helps' gazebo is still standing in the garden, despite the rain, wind etc. its has been a great buy as it has provided much needed shade in the garden. Its big enough for the little ones to play under, sand table, mini-trampoline, slide, baby swing and a couple of chairs for the grown-ups. I bought it last summer but failed to put it up (only a tenner I think) but have made good use of it this year. D was worried it would look a bit too cheap and nasty but you know what, I don't care if it does, it does exactly what it says on the tin and lets us enjoy being outside for a bit longer come rain and shine. 
If we owned our own home (we rent) maybe I would consider one of these gazebo's, a touch more sophisticated and perfect for drinking Pimms underneath. While I'm on my flight of fancy maybe a  Duck House too? D met the guy who produces them and bought back a lovely catalog. The guy has never been so busy with all the free advertising he got after the Tory expense scandal .
There is something magical about mini-houses that I adore. The total cuteness, all shrunk down - yesterday we went to check out a local school fair and bought a pink Princess castle doll's house from the second hand toy stall (I probably spent a good hour playing with it when we got it home) - we were on a mission to check out primary schools for the Curly haired beauty to start in Sept 2011. All three possible schools decided to hold their's on the same day. So we randomly picked the one closest to walk too, that would provide the most shade for CHB, Thing 1 and Thing 2 to enjoy. It was held in the sports field and had the usual cakes stores, throw a wet sponge at the teacher, bouncy castle, plant stall, you get the picture. D was taken aback with the 'Dad' uniform of cargo shorts and trainers - they all had grey hair and well looked old...I pointed out that by the time our daughter started school he would be in his 40's and would fit right in. Then I had a flash forward and realised by the time I reach my menopause, Curly haired beauty will be reaching her adolescence....Yikes - we're already clashing now with the constant negotiation of what to wear in the mornings and pure bribery to get out the door to pre-school, work, childminder.  Does it ever let up being a parent?


  1. That Gazebo looks lovely. Just the place for a nice G&T whilst watching the sun go down. x

  2. I remember the morning negotiations with my children and I can tell you that yes, it gets easier.
    I couldn't wait until my little princess started school. Even as a young child she had a sharp sense of style. She would only wear dresses and preferably pink dresses, so I was happy when she had to wear a school uniform made getting her dressed every morning and off to school a lot easier!
    I could use a gazebo here too....for the rain!

  3. Its never got easier for me, I still get up at 6am to make pack up for a very grumpy 17 yr old who still has another year of A Levels after this. After she has gone, I get little man up and the atmosphere is much more serene.
    I realised the other day, with Chloe now being 21, by the time little man leaves his current school at age 11, I will have had children going to the same school for a total of 17 years and will be almost 50 when I stop doing the school run. I don't want to wish my life away but I can't wait till he has to get the school bus and I can go back to bed once he leaves at 7.20, bliss!

  4. oooo, a girl from my own heart...we've done the school fete run this year, snooping around....tis a great in sight into the school community!

  5. The Gazebo looks lovely. I need to put one up.
    Like my mum says, you never stop being a parent. Though I plan to stop when she's completely potty trained and sleeping on her won.

    I'm new here. Found you through Mummy Bear.

  6. The gazebo is gorgeous for a sundowner - cheers!!



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