I'm on the hunt for something different, unique and fantastical; its a reaction to the austere times thrusted upon us by the government, who bailed out the (w)bankers, who messed up the world economy. At Bonhams in 14 days they are having a jewellery sale - which has got to be the ultimate in recycling/carbon-neutral way to interject some glamour and glitz into your life. These wristwatches may not be to everyone's taste (dial is cleverly hidden under circle and bow) - designed between 1965-1970 they hark back to an era  when serious jewellery was seriously taken. I just love their bold designs - why wear something average looking on your wrist when you can have these pretties adorn it? OK it may not 'go with' a lot of stuff but look at the details, workmanship and my goodness diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies and it tells you the time! - doesn't every woman deserve to wear hot rocks everyday?


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