5 Hours of Summer

I hadn't meant to take a blogging break but going full time into work - now all the kids are happily settled into school life - and joining a company that had restrictions on social media including blogging....kept me away from here. I've still been reading blogs and occasionally tweeting but I have almost given up an on-line presence.

Until now!

Summer is here and having been caught out on what to wear to work without coming off public transport a steaming melting mess...here are some ideas to keep your cool but maintain a professional air.

Silk shirt - not as high maintenance as you may think to own and wear - the ones from Uniqlo are machine washable and I've got nearly one in every colour way. A bonus that the pink one is currently on sale. An immensely flattering colour that will suit all skin tones with or without a tan. I once read if you wanted to be taken seriously as a woman at work  - not to wear a cardigan, not to smile and not to wear pink! Oh well take what you will from that...

I have lived in these trousers by GAP , a great fit and in my pursuit of easing up my domestic chores I can wash and hang up - no need to iron (but you have to hang up straight away to dry). I have one of those electric clothes dryer from Lakeland which is amazing , I know a bit weird to be happy with such a domestic appliance but saves loads of money in electric bills compared to using the tumble dryer and not a lot of my clothes can be tumbled dried. 

These sandal clogs from Toast are the perfect neutral colour way to go with most outfits. Heel gives just enough height to lift you and the leather straps are butter soft and won't cut your bare feet to ribbons. Also the thick straps hide enough of your toes so you can forego polish on your nails. A bonus if you are not 'Summer ready' - I really hate that term but it's sticking due to intensive advertising from a well known high street chemist!

I'm currently into wearing delicate gold jewellery and a fave of mine is the Baby Bee necklace by Alex Monroe. A Googler (person who works for Google), American and was obvs Not trying to pick me up or had ANY interpersonal social skills screeched out in the lift lobby ' OMG, you've got a bee around your neck!' and my response to his reaction was, 'Yeah I caught a bee and dipped it in gold to wear'... Luckily the lift came and I escaped before having to speak more! ! ! v . strange people you meet at work.

What do you think of my Summer dressing picks?



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