Sun scream

We all know how the sun rays can be damaging to skin - I gave up sunbathing at 30 and I think this really helped preserve my complexion and I am really reaping the benefit now I'm in my forties. Every Day moisturiser I slap on, contains at least 15 SPF and during sunny months I switch over to ones that contain 30 SPF. 

Currently I'm loving this Kielhs cream (but hate the name) and I wish L'Occitane still did their Shea Butter face moisturiser with SPF 15 but its now discontinued. I wish big brands wouldn't do that! You fall in love with something that works and then they take it off the shelves. I can't tell you how many hours I have spent trying to find my beloved Chanel Coco Rouge lipstick in Paris (tracked last tube in Canada - thank you eBay). 

For the kids who tend to be wiggly things on the rush out to school; I like to use Bare Minerals Natural Sunscreen - it's a barrier powder that contains Titanium Dioxide which I can buff onto their faces and necks/ears with no sticky mess. The handy portable size means I can carry this around in my grab bag for top up's during the day. 

It's so funny to hear the 6 year twins asking for their faces to be powdered in the morning.  It comes in 3 shades (light, medium, tan) and the Medium one suits us best.  

NB all products were bought with my own money and reviews are of my own opinions. 


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