Summer Exhibition - Royal Academy

I finally made it to view the Summer Exhibition held at the prestigious Royal Academy. Every Summer I tell D I'm going, and for one reason or another (work, pregnancy, baby, work, pregnancy, babies, work, kids etc.) I had never gotten round to it until now. What an achievement for moi.

The Exhibition is open to anyone to submit their own art, established artists and to everyday folks. It was pretty inspiring to walk around and to see the walls stuffed with ART. Some good, some bad, some just awful you have to wonder why it was chosen...but that's the beauty of art, it makes you think, there is technique, skill involved and it makes you want to have a bloody go!

Back in the day I went to Art School - I used to paint, I used to create. In the ladies loos I ran into an former work colleague. She used to paint as well and we had a great long catch-up chat and came to the conclusion we can do this, we have to send in something for next year....a lot of older ladies were tutting us as we messed with the queuing system and got in the way as we chatted intensively about our painting passion.

Most of the Art were for sale and prices started quite reasonably - there were lots of red dots (sold) on frames of day two of the exhibition.

A beautiful Summer's day

Courtyard sculpture

Inside the stairs leading into the exhibition - they did strobe on your eyes

Loving the pink walls in this room 

Tracy Ermin's water colours were pretty popular - look at all those sold dots! 
Grayson Perry's HUGE tapestry 


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