Happy Un-Birthday

Today was the due date for the twin boys - born 9 weeks early and turned up in April which shocked us to the core with their very urgent and rapid arrival.

This year was the first year I didn't feel overwhelmed, anxious or stressed out with their healths - they say time is a real healer and it has taken these long six years to come to terms with everything and know they will be all right. I am very blessed to have them here with me - each day is unpredictable with their funny little sayings and determined little ideas.

Both are doing so well in mainstream school - something I thought would never be achieved after reading all the bumpf in the Special Care Baby Unit where they spent their first five weeks. It was torturous feeling so helpless whilst they learnt to breath on their own and later had to be taught to suckle and take their feed from a bottle - rather than from a nasal gastric tube (Twin 2 was good at pulling that out all the time). Looking back at their premature baby photos I no longer feel depressed and can celebrate their childhood rather than mourn for the loss of their babyhood.

A super charity that helps babies and parents called BLISS are always looking for more funds and help.

twosp x


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