Red, pink, purple wash - avoiding laundry woes

I used to own for many years a pair of red pyjamas by Toast made from soft Indian cotton. I loved them and I have a treasured photo of myself holding new born Curly Haired Beauty wearing them, clashing nicely with the bright orange pillows (you had to bring your own pillows to the labour ward and was tipped off to bring non-white ones so you don't forget to take home!). But the hazards of owning such an item was the fall out if you accidentally washed it with white items - whoops. I turned too many items into a cheerful pink - luckily the baby was a girl and didn't mind so much. Less so for t'husband...
Image from Jamie Oliver website

Now in a form of revenge he has a beloved Ralph Lauren red hoody - same one, as worn by Jamie in his TV show. Which literally bleeds out the dye in every wash.

It has to be washed on its own - as the dye turns the water red, LOOK above at the evidence

But a genius product which has saved me many a laundry issue is the  Dylon colour Run Remover. I keep a stash of this next to the washing machine if ever I have a wash accident.

NB Product brought with my own money and all my opinions are my own.


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