Red House - National Trust visit

The other weekend D and I had a few rare child free hours and we DID NOT KNOW what to do with ourselves...seriously 3 + whole hours with no children on a Sunny weekend! I have often dreamed about when this moment would come. It has been that hard to find anyone willing to take all three kids off our hands. They are good kids, well behaved but the idea of twin boys puts a lot of people off. Most folks will take the older girl out but that still leaves us with the twins :-(

Anyhow my brother and his wife were good enough to entertain our kids for the afternoon so after a quick internet search 'what to visit less than 20 mins drive from us' - we headed to the  Red House
The beautiful red brick home now looked after by the National Trust - surprisingly plonked in the middle of 1930's semis s'burbs.

Garden features a wishing well - every Victorian had to have this.
We came too soon before the roses were out otherwise this would have been a scented delight to walk through
Herb garden near the kitchens (now a cafe that serves a good afternoon cream tea).
You can't see but cunningly hidden is the recycle bins behind here - *sign* why can't my flower beds look this good?
Large entrance hall, perfect for those ladies in full crinoline skirts - but the lady of the house used to wear robes without corsets underneath #scandalous 
Mural detail on the wall next to the Minstrel gallery

Imagine perched up there with your lute players - the first floor living room
Wood block used to make the now classic William Morris wallpaper. There were thick sample books of the original wallpaper designs to flick through. Amazing how luxurious the colours and textures were and still relevant today.   

Hand painted ceilings
Lot's of William Morris details everywhere
I took loads of pictures for inspirations but edited out the ones of me doing a lot of pointing...
I'll leave you with this quote from William Morris -  'Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful , or believe to be beautiful'. 


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