Scrub a dub dub

If you are fortunate to work in Central London, and have someone super organised to arrange for Kiehls to come into your office - they can set up an in-house pop up store. I was lucky to have this arranged last month - you can test all the products, speak with the skincare experts (who normally work in the stores) and buy the products with a 20% discount. What's not to love?

You place your order and can pay by card and the next day - they will deliver your items to your office; in their retro brown paper bags and include some generous sample sachets.

I bought a selection of body products from the Creme de Corps range (plus a few other bits!). I have always loved the super rich body lotion but tend to find it hard to dispense from the bottle as its so thick. For the Summer they have the whipped body butter  in Lavender. It comes in a hefty sized tub and this has really rehydrated my parched skin, especially on my shins. But of course there is no point moisturising if you don't get rid of the old rough skin cells. So I also bought the Soy Milk and Honey Body polish. This thick exfoliator is a joy to use. You don't need to work it in too hard on the skin and I tend to focus on my drier areas like the shins, knees, elbows etc.

My skin is so super smooth afterwards - the results speak for themselves! Mr. Fashion (Twin 1) loves to rub his cheeks along my bare arms sniffing the fragrance and telling me how soft and lovely I am...I should delight more in his childish joy but get paranoid he is also wiping his nose on my arm and leaving a snail trail. Something he does a lot of unfortunately!

I've even used the whipped body butter on the kids post-swimming. Kiehls UK stores used to do a baby range but it's no longer available here which is a shame as I loved using it on my brood. I try and encourage my kids to look after their skin by letting them choose which body moisturiser to use after a bath. The French (Decleor), The American (Kiehls) or Cousin J (Johnson's Baby Lotion).

My cousin really was named after the baby product , he was my Aunt's second child and she must have run out of ideas or been hormonal...! I can empathise with that as I had a terrible time deciding on the twins names. They should have been girls called April, May or Summer (possibly June) depending which month they turned up in. I wasn't prepared for picking boys names and can still remember the shock of being told there were two boys inside!


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