8 Years and still standing

In two weeks time we will be celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary. I never thought I would get married, let alone to a Northerner and have 3 kids by him! I am very happy and truly blessed to have reached this milestone after an eventful 2009. Maybe not saner, but a lot wiser and thankful to have D in my life to share the good times and hard times with.

Eight year gifts are Bronze or Pottery depending on which website you look up. I have put in a request for a Rosenthal dinner service in classic white porcelain. D would prefer some plates by Timourous Beasties. As he likes their graphic sense of humour. Hugely practical domestic gifts and they would help refresh what we already own. 

If we were able to find anyone mad enough to look after the kids for Valentines weekend (we got married on 14th Feb) then I would love to book a night away at Luton Hoo  . It used to be a grand stately home that has been refurbished into a luxury hotel.  

When D and I were first dating we both found out we had on separate occasions worked there, what a small world – me for a fashion shoot for party wear and him for a film shoot as a graphic set designer. It would be great to go back as a guest and have a proper wonder around the grounds and relax. I wonder if they kept the Family private chapel? It had an impressive collection of Faberge objects - really beautiful looking stuff with amazing workmanship. I still fantasize about picking up a grubby silver cup for pennies at a car boot, to later clean up and discover to my joy being by Faberge. As seen once on an episode of Antiques Roadshow. 


  1. Oh that looks lovely and in Luton too - I’ve never heard of it. I hope you manage to get a babysitter. Happy anniversary for then, as I'm sure you won't be posting that day!

  2. Looks lovely and congratulations on forthcoming anniversary. What a great plate xx


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