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QVC is my version of the shipping forecast, to have on in the background while I read, blog etc. Last night I had half an ear out during the  Smashbox 10th anniversary selection and came pretty close to picking up the phone to Q-Cut and order some make-up products to give me that photofinish. On reflection I am glad I didn't as no amount of make-up can disguise bad, sore, tired skin. Something I know that will really help pep up your face is  Dr Hauschka  Rhythmic Conditioner. It contains : Extracts of Borage, Chamomile, Witch Hazel and Rose hip help to strengthen and calm the skin and encourage it to renew and rejuvenate. These tiny glass vials should be used every night for 1-3 months. A long time in my books to get the results but it does work if you can commit the time. They are a bit fiddly to open and use but once you get the hang of snapping them open (I use kitchen towels) its a doddle. 


  1. Good to know I must try.

    Oh and true about food - watching portions.

    Don't worry I'm not making comparisons with models I work with them! most of the time I tell them to eat as I find them too skinny.

    i keep meaning to ask you where you work and what you do as I need a career change!


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