Back on the treadmill

I loved my first day back at work (yesterday) - computer not working, so no emails, the phone wasn't working, so no calls! I got to catch up and see how everyone has been and after 9 months away nothing had changed! Well I got a new desk and chair but I had to scrabble around for a notebook and luckily there was already a pen on the desk. So rather than hit the ground running as I had expected it was rather calm and serene - punctuated with a flurry of messages to IT to get them to sort things out pronto.

I did stress about my back to work outfit - dress warm for the commute in and do a quick change prior, in the loos? In the end I chose my black Ghost tea dress layered with a grey metallic leopard print cardi. A long and lean vibe with heeled black ankle boots. The dress is calf length so I was able to wear long john thermals underneath for added warmth. I needed it on the journey in but truly baked on the train which had its heating on full blast. It was quite nice to get the compliments of looking like I never have had a baby before, let alone twins. But I did have a comedy bump at the time; I looked like Mr Greedy even though I was only 6 months preggers when I went on maternity leave.


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