One bag good, two bags baaad

To misquote George Orwell ’ Animal Farm’ – I am seeing a lot of women carrying two handbags instead of just one. Why is that? Do they have a lot of important items that need to be carted about? Are they trying to balance the load by evenly distributing between two bags? This is a bit of a rant, as a user of public transport, space inside the cattle tin (called the tube) is at a premium. When a woman has two bags it is not OK to have both hooked over your shoulder, pushed round the back and into my ribs. 

Owning a big handbag does not make you bum look smaller – no matter what the fashion mags say. A big bum is still a big bum. You know who you are….stop the madness. Limit yourself to just one bag and your back will thank you for it.


  1. Stupid people, so inconsiderate to others x

  2. What? My arse still looks the size of Wales?? That's it I'm suing Gok Wan.

  3. I sometimes have two bags but I never bash a soul - v bad manners.I have one small one and one with my bloody books in it plus other stuff. The other day it was a hard drive.


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