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I was a bit disappointed the fore-casted heavy snow did not show up today. I wore my very fabulous 1970's shearling coat to work - it has the hugest fur collar and cuffs and I always get lots of attention when I wear it. People actually stand aside to let me through so they can get a better look. I bought it many years ago at Wimbledon Car boot fair. I was pretty much the only person who could fit into it and the seller was fed up and just wanted to be rid of it as the car boot was coming to a close. Its very heavy and because its sheepskin (yes I do have a thing about sheepskin) I cannot wear a lot of layers underneath as it rides up everything plus cannot wear it when its really wet. I made that mistake once, got caught in a downpour and the coat stank for days! I was a little wary of the reaction of the folks at the office - but today they did not bat an eyelid at it - maybe they are getting used to my look(s). I must get my act together and post the outfits I have been wearing. I also wore one of my recent Warehouse purchases - the silk dress with the bright digital floral print over my black Uniqlo Heatech long sleeve t-shirt and leggins.

When I used to work at the ITN Building I left the coat hanging up on the communal coat rack - I caught one of the IT guys trying it on. Now I am tiny, but he was even tinier! He got into it and strutted his stuff, hitching his trousers and walking with a limp is a faux down with the hood attitude. I saw the funny side as he clearly loved that coat. But I never did wear it back to that office....its not flattering if a man can get into your clothes...nuff said!

Anyway back to the coat - its looks pretty much like the one Jennifer Lopez wore in the film 'Shall we Dance'. Although she mentions its vintage  and is totally distraught when a dance student drops her greasy food all over it -  those in the know snigger, as its really by Dolce & Gabbana. I truly loved this movie, I went to the Premiere and saw it twice afterwards. I managed to get tickets from the office (bless the House of Mouse) and took a girlfriend along. We had such a hoot walking up the red carpet, Tess Daly was interviewing the celebs as they were passing by. We had to stop right behind Esther Rantzen, escorted by Rob Byran, it was the year she was a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing. The people filming made us wait behind them as they didn't want us in the shot. It was a little unnerving waiting in front of the paps, fans and camera crew. As the Premiere was also a charity event - It was on over two Odeon screens with a 15 minute delay in order for the Director and Richard Gere to move between the cinemas and introduce the movie & read a sorry letter from JoLo who could not be there that night. Richard Gere - an actor not normally registering on my hottie radar, but my goodness that man, on that night made all us girls swoon. He has so much presence and charisma. I was right in the front row and felt quite flushed! We were all taking pics on our mobile's and texting our mum's. It was a great night and I bored D to tears when I got home raving about just how wonderful and warm Richard Gere is.


  1. I love that film too and that coat of J'Lo's is fantastic. Yes you must get on with some outfit posts as your coat sounds stunning!


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